My Family Friend Program

The Problem

I am helping Thurston County, working closely with a foster care program, and anyone in the community that would like help, to alleviate at-risk youth. I want school drop out rates to become the nation's lowest. I would want children to turn to friends and family rather than alcohol or drugs. And I want children living in a single parent home, where that single parent works all day, to have a friend to turn to in times of need. I would like to set up a non profit business that does not pay it's CEO's $200,000.000 or more, and unlimited bonuses, but actually works day and night to fight our community and worlds problems, so our children don't have to.

Plan of Action

I plan to host local fundraisers to get the funding to background check the already 25 college student and adult volunteers I have in the community. I plan to find local business to donate time to show interested children their career field. I will set up a sports team once we have reached 50 youth being helped. Youth will be more involved with the community, will have better confidene. Currently they have less anger and behavioral problems in school.

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