My story-speaking out to save another's life

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The Problem

I had the idea to stop bullying at my school because i had been a victim of it when i was in jr. high. I was treated poorly and the people at my school didn't want to do anything to stop it because they said that verbal bullying isn't considered bullying. I talked to a teacher that im now very close to and we came up with the idea that we wanted all bullying to cease. Our school has had speakers come to our school before to talk about bullying and how it affects people, but the students don't take that seriously. I want students to realize that bullying at my school happens everyday and that it makes the victim think very negatively about themself. We have a speaker coming in to our school this month to talk about it, so my teacher and i decided that in order to make the students take it seriously we would have to bring up a real life story, my story. I made a slide show that will be played that week and on the day of the assembly, showing how bullying hurts people, why people bully, and how to stop bullying altogether. I will be speaking out at the assembly also, telling people what i went through and how im still here today to tell my story.

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