The Problem

MyGreenBag provides an open-source vehicle for community-based, grass-roots environmental movements; employing a reusable shopping tote as a catalyst for change. MyGreenBag is soon to be a 301(c) (4) foundation with two very specific goals: to stop the use of non-reusable paper and plastic bags, and to encourage people to think critically about how their everyday actions affect the environment, leading people to correct those habits. To accomplish these goals, MyGreenBag provides the tools to empower individuals to start community-based reusable shopping bag projects in their towns, schools, and universities. People wishing to start a project receive a toolkit pack, technical and emotional support, and full access to the open source-website. The challenge is to raise awareness of the reusable paper and plastic bags’ effect on the environment and broaden the debate about living a sustainable lifestyle. Such an environmental movement has been around for years and many groups have attempted to bring attention to the issue and encourage individuals to change their behavior. Producing a product that uniquely inspires and engenders our goals is a formidable but surmountable obstacle. The solution, in MyGreenBag, is to employ a package of products and services to engender passion and action by individuals across the globe to address aforementioned problems. The product mandates participation and interaction engendering a community of empowered individuals to bring about novel and important messages behind the bag product.

Plan of Action

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