Natural is Beautiful

The Problem

American culture has distorted our personal perception of what we feel is truly beautiful. On a modern college campus, I am hoping to raise the awareness of inner beauty as given to us by our Heavenly Father, and to combat the daily struggle women face on not feeling 'beautiful' enough.

Plan of Action

Raising awareness through workshops, seminars, lectures and an assigned 'Natural Day' where in petitioners will participate in one full day where they do not do anything to alter their natural state of being. This means no hair straightening/curling etc. no make-up, or eyebrow plucking, and most importantly modest and functional clothing. This day would be a day where girls should feel empowered by not hiding who they really are, and should embrace their inner goddess! On this day we will strive to be the person we really are, being loving and happy and feeling a weight off our shoulders from the pressures of society.

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