Natural milk and honey face and body wash for troubled skin

The Problem

When I was young I had this thing for skin care products, the problem was everything had chemicals in it. As I got older I started doing some research on diferent types of skin, plants, fruits, vegtables, oils, and many other things. I came up with a sloution on how to make the skin glow by using something that was common milk and honey, but adding other things to it. The milk and honey has been around for a while now. I figured out a way to design something that will still give you that natural hollywood flawless glow. The Milk has lots of calcium and vitimins to soothe the skin. The Honey locks in moisture to keep the skin lookin refreshed all day. And I added other naturals to help maintain it's strenghth. That's how I came up with the milk and Honey face and body wash.

Plan of Action

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