The Nature Playground

The Problem

Work on this natural playground for early childhood experiences and education began several years ago. We have a great start, but funds have run short to continue to provide the continued kinds of opportunities for the nearly 70 children we care for. A small raised bed garden was built last year by volunteers and we will need new seeds, seedlings, soil and soil ammendments for spring planting. We also installed an outdoor musical instrument called an akambira, but it stands alone for lack of funding. We would like to add a "Whale Drum" which four children can all play at once - it is designed for outdoors and all but the cost of installation would be covered by a one-time "Do Something Grant".

Plan of Action

If we receive the grant, we will invest it in the Whale Drum, using volunteers to install it. A matching committment from volunteers will also help us build a PVC "marimba" to go with it. I will seek additional local donations to cover the cost of the marimba, seeds, soil and soil ammendments, and since the weather is still nice here in Minnesota, we would love to proceed immediately with ordering, delivery and possibly installation as soon as we know that we have the funds to invest. Thank you for this opportunity to apply.

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