Never Again

The Problem

"Hey I'm that person you pass every day on your way to work or school on the street holding my home or otherwise known as a bookbag in my left hand and in the right I hold a sign that says will work for food.I am there every day wishing to God one day you'll drop out a dollar or a can of food.. ANYTHING will help but it seems that I have a disease because people wont even look at me.. some even laugh can you tell me why? I'm homeless! " This is not a true case said by any one but Its true this is what happens to over 5000 people in small town like one close to me and even right down the street form you and me. I have been homeless twice in my life due to financial and family issues so I know what goes through the minds of the homeless. my name is Danielle (18yrs) I am just your average High school teen I have a loving family I play sports and have a all it took was a little hope and help. I am here to discuss homeless needs in my city and the surrounding citys in my area . Yesterday I was watching the news and I was amazed at the increasing # of homeless people in a small city only 30 minutes from me. Then the next words that seemed to come out in slow motion hit me hard the news brodcaster said 2 homeless men were found laying outside in the freezing cold dead. FROZE TO DEATH.That night it droped below freezing I didn't even want to walk to mail box it was very CoLd. why why why seemed to rush though my head I wanted to know where are the shelters and then there was my answer ..a shelter manager in the area of the men came up and said we have 1100 beds in our shelter and each bed was filled last night and not only that but our lobby chairs and our hallways and we tryied to help them all but we need more space then he looked with upset eyes and asked us to please contact a certin company and get more shelters built. OK that seems easy enough.. well NO not really its not that easy but IO know you have heard of exteam home make over and habitat for humanes and other nonprofit orginazations like those in your city well I want to start my own or at least voice my statement so some one else can help the homeless put up signs directing them to local shelters just like theres sighs to the mall and hwys. I want more than 1 shelter in my city theres mmore than 5000 and you try to fit 5000 in a small space It wont work and its not healthy. We need a group of some sort to voulenteer to built a shelter thats not torn and worn make it a nice homey place for these people to stay I want each person to leave out with a smile. I am not sure how or when this will be started but it needs to be soon I never want to hear on the news that some one froze on the streets because the had no blankets or food or a place to simply call HOME. I am just 1 person trying to help these people need hope we can be that. Thank you for your time God bless you all .. (remember these people in your prayers its the least we can do for now :/ )

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