New Morning Grief Camp

Official Project

The Problem

This is a camp for youth ages 6-18 who have lost a loved one due to death. What better way to get through this journey then with someone else who has been there, done that? We have 3 1-week sessions, Mon-Fri from 9-3 and will have food, fun, activities with a purpose. Volunteers can help with practical things like arts and crafts, serving lunch or just plain old listening. Training required and provided free of charge. This is a free camp, so no one is making any money- they're just going to feel real good at the end knowing that they made a difference in someone's life at a very crucial time. Just want to encourage the grieving child that they are not alone, the feelings they are experiencing are normal and that they don't have to turn to drugs, alcohol to kill the pain that they are feeling. If you have a heart for this, like working in a camp setting, and love kids- give us a call for training info.

Plan of Action

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