New Orleans Agape Trip

Official Project

The Problem

Hurricane Katrina is a hurricane that struck the depths of New Orleans. This tragedy left many without homes and more without family members. Today the heat of the event has seemed to die down and many are seemingly forgetting about the problem. New Orleans has made a tremendous amount of effort to recover but there is still reparations needed to be done. The people in the Agape group at North Cambridge Catholic high school have noticed this issue and we are prepared to make a difference in our world that we live in. We realize that we can not solve all of the world’s problems all at once so we are taking initiative and going to take action. On February Vacation we are giving up our winter break to go and help those that are less fortunate. We will participate in rebuilding the community and also do all that we can to make their live more fulfilling and help them realize there God given dignity. To prepare for this trip we are trying to raise money to make this trip possible and we are also learning all that we can about the community of New Orleans. I know that we can reach our goal and help the lives of others more meaning full while bring Solidarity into the world.

Plan of Action

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