Nicaragua High School

The Problem

In Manzanillo, a small town In the Northwest region of Nicaragua, daily education ends at grade 6 as the nearest high school is over 60 minutes away by bus. Surf for Life has committed to building a sustainable high school for this generation of students and the generations to come. The new high school is not only going to provide daily classes for more than 150 high school students, but it will also offer technical courses for the older youths and young adults such as mechanics, cooking, small business, computing and so on. The goal is that with this increased focus of education, community members will be able to break out of the poverty cycle that affects so many in the area.

Plan of Action

From February-May 2013, between 100-120 volunteers are traveling with Surf For Life and volunteering their time to begin construction of a sustainable high school in Manzanillo, Nicaragua. This project is a huge undertaking and will be completed in phases over the next 1.5 years, with an anticipated completion date set for Spring of 2014. Each volunteer has an individual fundraising goal of $2,000 they each must achieve to participate in the project. These fundraising efforts are the primary source of capital for these projects and also show the immense commitment each volunteer has made to the project. Surf For Life works to ensure that over 85 percent of funds raised go directly to the project.

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