No Baby Left Out

The Problem

For the past 3 months I have been completing an internship for school, working in a rural area of southern Tanzania called Lindi. While Lindi has made a great deal of progress in reducing child mortality and increasing primary school enrollment, newborn health remains a neglected area. In Lindi, the three main causes of newborn death are infections, prematurity, and birth asphyxia -- three conditions that can be easily and affordably managed with simple interventions and prompt skilled care. Unfortunately, medical staff in Lindi often lack these crucial skills and necessary equipment, meaning that thousands of newborns (or 31 per 1000 live births) die each year simply due to a lack of training.

Plan of Action

No Baby Left Out provides an alternative to this cycle of needless death. The project focuses on training over 70 health workers in 26 of Lindi's health facilities in basic newborn care and newborn resuscitation. By teaching healthcare providers (mainly nurses and midwives) how to conduct thorough newborn examinations and how to perform newborn resuscitation, we can prevent up to 50% of all newborn deaths. The goal is to train each worker to check every baby for danger signs with a simple screening process, hence the title -- No Baby Left Out.

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