Non-Profit Bookstore for Foyer de Sion Haitian Orphanage

The Problem

I’ve worked as a volunteer for five years for the Foyer de Sion Orphanage in Haiti. I spent hundreds of hours working on fund raisers, secretarial work, and reunions. Most importantly, I was blessed to be able to spend a week volunteering at the orphanage. Seeing the devastation and poverty in Haiti, and serving the children there, completely changed my life and brought into focus my intense desire to help children. One of the main fund raisers I did, took 2 years. When a book store went out of business, they donated all of their left over books, and miscellaneous book store items to be sold so that 100% of the profit would go to support the Foyer de Sion Inc. orphanage. I took the responsibility of categorizing and sorting all of the items, and entering every item into Microsoft Access so that I had an inventory list. I then turned our dining room into a bookstore and organized and displayed all of the items on shelves, and tables. I sold them from my home for 2 years to raise much needed funds for a Haitian orphanage. I spent a total of over 150 hours getting the items ready for sale, and selling them. I was able to raise a lot of much needed money for the orphanage to use for food, formula, and medical care for the children in their 3 orphanages in Haiti. It was also used to buy building supplies for a new orphanage building they are currently building.

Plan of Action

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