Nonviolence Rally & Resource Fair

Official Project

The Problem

This rally is a much needed event at the end of the summer because statistically much of the inner city violence goes on the rise during this time. For example, during the summer of 2007, when for the entire year there were over 400 murders, especially among young men of African American decent, there were over 100 occurring during the summer months. Just this past February, a young man was gunned down across the street from a community recreation center which houses a large after school program and day care with over 100 school age youth. Unfortunately the murderer is still on the loose and the community has done little to resolve the issue. The bar that the young male was standing in front at the time of his murder remains open and a community remains helpless and in fear that this type of incident may happen again. We are hoping that this event will reinstill hope in this community. We are holding the rally on the corner where the young man was murdered.

Plan of Action

Beauty for Ashes, Inc. is very much involved in the up-building of the community through its hosting of various outreach events and sharing of resources fit for the entire family. We've hosted resource fairs in Mantua West Philadelphia annually since 2005. It has since blossomed into a Non-Violence Rally & Resource Fair because of the need to inform the youth about the dangers of drugs and gun violence; the need to reunite a community plagued by violence; as well as the need to give low income families access to as many resources that they can apply for and use in order to help enhance their standard of living.

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