Nutrition and Fitness at Girl Scout Troop Meetings

The Problem

I had a great experience with my own brownie troop because we stayed very physically active and learned that many foods are both healthy AND can actually taste good. Our physical activity centered on dance and basic gymnastics. The best part was the dance we learned each year that we performed at many different places. When I became a Junior Girl Scout, we decided to earn the bronze star, the highest badge for our level. My troop developed “mini-programs” to promote health for a younger troop. The programs were very popular with both the adults and kids. As Cadettes, it is our goal to reach all of the younger troops in our community to help them learn good health. We will perfect our programs to include three, 15 minute exercise programs and one 15 minute nutrition program. The exercise programs will center on dance and basic gymnastics since this is where we have the experience. Our nutrition program will center on the updated food pyramid and healthy foods that require no preparation but still taste good!

Plan of Action

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