October Change to Change a Life

The Problem

We are trying to raise money for our second well in Niger, West Africa through the organization Wells Bring Hope!

Plan of Action

We have made 500 bags that are clear. Each bag has a tie to close it, a sticker on the front with a picture of a child in need, a blurb about our organization, and a sticker for each student's name in grade. Throughout the month of October and first week of November, the elementary school students at our school will be bringing in their spare change in these bags and dumping them into their class designed bins. Throughout this, the students are going to be having their first a fun colorful dress-up day of the year. They also will be exposed to discussions about clean water and world health and be reminded about this day about their 6th grade leadership class and posters made by the club hung up all around their classrooms. The prize for the grade will the most change at the end of the fundraiser will be kickball and popsicles with the high school members of our club on a Friday afternoon!

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