OMG Rhino Letter Writing Campaign

The Problem

Rhino poaching has hit an all time high and the current price of an ounce of Rhino horn is now more valuable than an ounce of gold. In 2012 over 668 rhinos were poached which is a 49% increase from 2011. At this rate, Rhinos will become extinct in our lifetime.

Plan of Action

We have created our OMG Rhino Letter Writing Campaign were we are collecting letters from all over the world asking President Jacob Zuma to get serious about stopping poaching before it is too late. We are asking everyone to visit our website and download one of our template letters and sign them and send or email them to us. We also have a complete Community Rhino Presentation which can be downloaded so anyone can make the presentation to their school or community organization: Once we have collected at least 1.000 letters, we will travel back to South Africa to hand deliver all the letters to president Zuma to show him that the whole world is beging him to get involved before it is too late.

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