"One Leg at a Time" Bullying Awareness Organzation

The Problem

The problem is desparate need of being resolved is bullying; it is essential to treat others the way you want to be treated: with RESPECT. Bullying is the result of the belief of inequality and it's got to stop. Bullying leads to harmful, life-lasting effects and all ages need to be aware of this. We are all equal; we all put our pants on One Leg at a Time.

Plan of Action

This organization was founded at my high school, Worthington Kilbourne High School, and is 100% student driven. I and others a part of this group travel throughout our city to speak and spread awareness on bullying to students, peers, faculty and parents. We have been very successful and have spread One Leg at a Time to almost every school in our school district. Recently, we have been requested to speak at that February 2013 National Conference on Bullying in Orlando, FL. to present our message and continue to spread awareness. Plan of action is to make others aware that bullying is harmful and possesses life-lasting effects.

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