One Light At a Time:Solutions to Global Warming

Official Project

The Problem

The Environmental Activists of Casady High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma know that all it takes to make a difference is for each person to "turn on their lightbulb." An energy efficient compact fluroescent lightbulb, that is. The group of dedicated and ambitious student activists came up with a plan to give away one energy efficient light bulb to every student and faculty member in their high school, in order to raise awareness about global climate change and the easy steps anyone can take to make a difference. The project is set for one day of the week of April 23-27, and the environmental activists plan on handing out one bulb to every student and teacher, along with a pamphlet attached to the bulb with steps everyone can take to stop global warming. The goal of the One Light At a Time project is to educate the Casady School community about the climate crisis and encourage all to take more steps to stop the problem at home.

Plan of Action

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