The Problem

Opening our eyes to the reality of the world, One Love Inc. values the fact that we are imperfect people who have been given a heart for the less fortunate. We are all loved by the Father, our God, and realize that this love is not only ours for the taking, but instead needs to be One Love that is meant for all, and is spread to the ends of the earth. Yearning for the hearts of the African people, One Love Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses on partnering with our world’s younger generation to aide a hurting people group to come to know Jesus. It is our mission, our desire and our passion to be able to aide the younger generation in a safe and reliable way, by allowing an opportunity to partner with Missionaries in various African countries. Our Non-Profit Organization focuses on reaching out to touch the throbbing hearts of God’s desolate people with his love. We are going to be partnering with local churches throughout Southern California, Orange Country area, to help raise funds that will provide for these trips and also to help with basic nutritional needs, medical needs, and education. One Love Inc. is an organization focused on preparing a way for Southern California’s youth to be sent out into the mission fields of Africa in a safe, reliable, and affordable manner by taking care of all of the stressful planning and supplying short-term mission trips to various countries in Africa, aiding the trips with the help of African missionaries and reasonable prices. Our vision is to spread evangelism to untouched people groups of Africa, by partnering with local churches’ youth ministries. We desire to decrease famine, cure sickness, and bring peace to the hurting African continent. We hope to partner with already existing missionaries in the surrounding countries, and send new long-term missionaries out into the field. We also plan on obtaining a partnership with local airlines to allow for discounted prices.

Plan of Action

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