One Million Thanks

The Problem

America's soldiers are some of the greatest Americans, and we believe that it is our duty as US citizens to make sure they know we appreciate their hard work and sacrifice. Not just to the soldiers who come home, but to those who made the ultimate sacrifice that we might have freedom. So we are trying to collect 1 million 'thank you' messages for our service members. Whether it be a thank you card or letter, a video message, etc., we want our soldiers to know that we will never forget their sacrifices.

Plan of Action

We first want to raise awareness on a small, local level (area schools, churches, etc.) as to what we're aiming to accomplish. First starting with cards, letters, and etc. to distribute at local VA hospitals and send to the troops. Then, with enough support, we hope to make it into a larger campaign and begin making thank you video messages to send to the troops, play at homecomings, etc.

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