One Step at a Time

The Problem

I'm trying to solve the issue of limited resources for the less fortunate. It's bad enough in this cold weather not much of them have a nice warm coat but with these care package it will at least help them get through the week. Even if you're not homeless but need an extra boost, this care package will be beneficial to everyone. This will solve at least one of their problems of having weekly supplies of deodorant, tissue, a tooth brush, and even little snacks like granola bars.

Plan of Action

I will gather people in my school, about 10-20 people, to make flyers for people to donate any items in new condition to donate to people in different shelters and to even senior citizen who are in need of little supplies. We can schedule a day out of the weekend were can go into different shelters and senior homes to give out the care package. This care package can benefit the ages from infants to senior citizens and also contain different items for different age groups. The flyers would promote our cause to get people to donate and get people to even join the cause and help a person get the resources they need. We can even have fundraisers to get the resources we need.

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