OPEN HEARTS AMERICA: National Street Outreach Bus Tour to RESCUE Homeless, Runaway and Exploited Youth

The Problem

Each year over half a million young people under 24 years old experience homelessness. Approximately 380,000 of those youth are under the age of 18. In America, assault, illness or suicide kills 5,000 children a year on the streets. The main problem we are trying to solve is rescuing homeless, runaway and other exploited youth from the streets in America and provide them with access to emergency shelter, long term housing and assistance with medical, education, employment and mental health service providers.

Plan of Action

From June 10, 2014 until August 9, 2014 we will conduct a National Street Outreach bus tour traveling to 30 cities, where there is a high population of youth who are without a stable home and help them to safety and resources. We expect over 1,000 volunteers, 60 homeless agencies, as well as a slew of college students, churches and others will assist in our efforts. Our goals: 1. Lead and assist in street outreach efforts to 30 cities in America to help 15,000 children and youth who are without a stable home. 2. Help end youth homelessness by 2020 – one of the four major goals of Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness. 3. Provide homeless organizations with street outreach training. 4. Reunite youth with their families and to encourage the resolution of intra-family problems through counseling and other services; 5. Create an increase in awareness for youth homelessness in America and reduce the social stigma; 6. Involve more participation from celebrities, corporations, foundations and the general public regarding helping homeless youth in America. 7, Provide America’s youth-in-crisis connect with supportive services including emergency shelter housing 8, Collect and distribute food, clothing, toiletries, medical assistance and local resources information to youth on the streets in our cities. 9. Reduce the number of foster care youth who become homeless after their 18th birthday. 10. Identify potential resources to expand existing street outreach services and/or establish new street outreach services. 11. Assist LGBTQ homeless youth who make up 40% of homeless youth. 12. Get June 10th designated as National Street Outreach Day by the White House whereby all citizens help find children who need help. We are still working on our tour logo and have not been able to upload it at this time.

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