Operation Campus Growth

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The Problem

Operation Campus Growth is a project I came up with by wondering how to bring more life to my college campus. I have seen campuses in my tropic and heated areas where there campuses are just beautiful all year around. The campus where I attend school is very important because it is some what the center of the entire community and provides many jobs for the surrounding community. My plan is quite simple but needs a little effort on the student side as well as the community side. I propose that through a major recyling fundraiser we can help to construct a larger on campus green house and landscaping team. Like I said the university is very nice and is right in the middle of the community and could use a little help with and opportunity and help I would love to take on the task. I think the campus would look beautiful with an annual planting every spring of annual flowers and plants as well as purinials. The green house would only need to be assisted for a little while until the green house has the ability to produce a renewable flower source for the campus every year. The recycling comes in as a supplimental income to purchase things such as potting soil, pots, and things that go towards the very idea of being able to sustain our own green house of small nusery.

Plan of Action

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