Operation Fresh Water

The Problem

We plan to benifit many communities in Kenya by drilling bore holes and building wells. Our current project is in Burglate, Kenya. There is a piece of land there that was donated to us for the purpose of building this well. One of the founders, Isaac Ndei, grew up on that very land where we now plan to drill a well. As a child he would have to spend close to a half day walking to a river to get water. Children in the community often don't get to have a good education because they have to get water for their family. The water they do have access to is often shallow and dirty. As a result there are many water-borne illnesses that families have to struggle with. The people there in Burglate are so excited that we are coming to do this for them.

Plan of Action

Originally we were trying to set up everything for building our first well here in the states, but communication all the way to Kenya made this impossible. So we started by kicking off with a fundraiser at Lazerstar in Glendora, Ca. and continued with fundraising until we had enough money to send Isaac and I (Cherie) to Kenya for research. While in Kenya we were able to look at and take pictures of the land where we will be building the well in Burglate. We also were able to have meetings to gather details and make arrangements while we were there. We now have an engineer has helped us get approved for a drilling license. Our next step will be to get a survey of the land, and to choose which company will drill the first well for us. We are in the process of setting up fundraising for this project in hopes that we will raise enough money to build a well in Burglate, Kenya this year

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