Operation Puppy Ponchos

The Problem

Rescued Greyhounds make wonderful pets. Only people that have been introduced to the world of Greyhounds know the impact they can create on your life. I wanted to be a "Greyhound Ambassador". I wanted to be that person who reached out and taught people about their lives on the track and all things wonderful about Greyhounds. The local Greyhound rescue home needs help as much as possible. At any given time, they house anywhere between 30 and 45 dogs waiting to be adopted. I wanted to help the rescue home and show how Greyhounds can change lives.

Plan of Action

I began my project by talking to the director of Project Racing Home, Kimberly Jewell, to see what I could do to help. After that, I began contacting Girl Scout leaders that were interested in helping me with my project and scheduling a time that I could meet with their troops. After purchasing supplies, I went to troop meetings with Chief to teach the girls about Greyhounds and helped them make coats to donate to Project Racing Home. After making 32 coats, I took them to Project Racing Home to donate.

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