Ophelia's Voice

The Problem

In our community, girls and young women do not have access to safe, supportive, and peer led spaces to develop their identity, learn about issues that affect them, build leadership skills, or take action in their community. There are few adult women role models in leadership positions in our community, and few organizations that support young people - particularly girls - in launching social justice action projects.

Plan of Action

We established a steering committee of adults, a team of adult women mentors, and built partnerships with local community organizations. We also began applying for grants, established relationships with similar initiatives across Canada, and educated ourselves about the issues and best practices for similar organizations.

Project Updates

The organization now has an established steering committee of 9 adults, an adult women mentor team of 8, and approximately 15 - 20 young women aged 12 - 15 ready to participate in our September 2008 program! We also have our own office and programming space ready for the year.

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