Opportunities to the Underpriveleged

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The Problem

For my Silver Award these young children were given the opportunity to experience so many new things and even see things they have never seen before where they live. Some learned even how to swim. They made new things and many new friends. They were able to relax and enjoy life in a different position and situation. I have noticed that there are many people these days that need so much help and I feel like I’m here to help them. My grandma has always been a big part of helping kids in the inner city where living situations are not always safe and stable. You see these little kids that are forced to grow up in conditions that no one should have to be put through, big or small. I felt it was like my part to help them relax and tone it down a bit. Kids are faced with challenges everyday, growing up way too fast and missing out on their childhood and just having fun.I like feeling like I’ve helped someone develop more or to just have them experience something memorable. It was so exciting to be giving them a chance to do a new activity that may seem small to another child who has more opportunities. They really had a lot of fun just being able to run around and act like the kid that they are without the pressures of being forced to grow up at home. These kids that have been put in a situation in their life that they had to grow up way faster then normal had the chance to return to the life they should be experiencing, even if it was over a course of 2 days. They made new friends, learned new skills and really felt like a kid. Some of these kids have been through a very difficult time and sometimes they feel like there is nobody or anything there for them, at such a young age they shouldn’t be having this feeling. I know for sure that these kids found something or someone that they really cared about and felt very much loved by everyone around them. Not only did these little kids make new friends and memories, so did my volunteers! I know that everyone had an outstanding time and I love looking back on these days.

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