The Original Scraper Bikes


The Problem

The problem im trying to solve is getting young people off the street courners and away from the drugs and violence in the inner city of Oakland CA.

Plan of Action

This project will teach youth: bicycles safty rules, bicycle repair tips, and how to create, what we call a 'Scraper Bike'. We want to engage up to 250 youth between the ages of 12 and 24, with a positive outlet thats fun, educational, and promotes healthy lifestyles. The 'Scraper Bikes' has gotten 3 national press mentions such as: NPR, Current TV, and The Christan Science Monitor. We want to expand and enlighten young peoples perspective on life through fixing and riding bicycles. We set up a lot of events over the past few years to bring awarness of this grassroots movement. We plan on creating a sustainable, possitive, educational, and "Green" way of life in the inner city neighborhoods.

Project Updates

Reportcards Are In For The Scraper Bike Team!!

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