In Other Words

The Problem

I have been an advocate against relationship violence for five years now. I came into this cause by stumbling upon the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, and have focused on preventing teenage dating violence in my efforts. A few weeks ago, while watching Rihanna perform at the Grammy's, I realized that while I have put so much energy into preventing dating violence, I personally have largely ignored showing people how to have a healthy relationship. While we hear about Rihanna and Chris Brown's abusive relationship, we don't ever hear about the thousands of people who do have healthy relationships. With the high divorce rate in our society and too many bad examples in the media, I have found it difficult to discover how a positive relationship should be. That's where In Other Words comes in...

Plan of Action

I am creating an online campaign that encourages healthy relationships by providing real life examples. My vision is to have people submit pieces of art, poetry, music, videos, pictures, blogs, letters- whatever medium they choose, that answers one question: What makes your relationship beautiful? It can be their relationship with anything: their boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, dog, grandma, God- whatever it is that is special, or that is beautiful, to them. The only condition is that when they enter their submission the last words they say are "In other words, I love you." The submissions will be posted on a website, but will also be featured on a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube account. This will help reach the target audiences, as well as make it easy for users to submit. My mission is to celebrate the extraordinary relationships that people have and to provide an example for those of us who may be lost.

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