The Bring on the Books Drive

The Problem

Illiteracy. Many children in impoverished areas of the country have a lack of children's books--whether it be Dr. Seus or "Love You Forever." The Bring On the Books Foundation, among other researchers and education experts, believes that books are vital and essential for the cognitive growth of a child. There should not be any reason why a child in a tough socio-economic status should lack the tools for success—particularly, a tool that is simply a few pages with pictures. It’s that simple.

Plan of Action

Many college students have their old children books in the back of the closet or in the attic, and most individuals aren’t reading those books. So instead of letting the books sit at home, let it sit in the hands of a child. The Bring on the Books Drive urges students to bring back books after spring and Easter break. These books are donated to schools and less-fortunate children across the nation. We work with organizations and institutions across the country to help us raise books.

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