Outdoor learning garden

The Problem

When we first opened our school 7 years ago, we had a wonderful area to take our students to complete their lessons outside. The area had comfortable wooden benches and beautiful landscaping of flowers, bushes and trees. The teachers could take their kids there to read, study, teach and complete experiments. Our younger students even planted butterfly bushes and were taught the life cycle of a butterfly. All students used to take pride in the area. The area now is desolate. It is overgrown with weeds and little to no mulch in the bedding areas. The once comfy wooden furniture is rotting and falling apart. There are no more beautiful butterfly bushes or thriving plants. Teachers are not utilizing the area due to its lackluster appearance. We want our outdoor classroom and gardening area back!

Plan of Action

We run the gifted program in our school. We want to implement this gardening project into our gifted curriculum. We have approx 100 students to help make this a reality. We would like the students to survey the area, measure out gardening beds, sitting area, covered reading area, and research plants that will be able to thrive in the area, design the area and calculate plants, seeds, mulch, cost, etc. to make this a reality. We want to take the area from drab to fab!!

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