Owl Project

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The Problem

The purpose of the OWL Program is to provide books free of cost, through donations, to increase literacy among homeless and poverty-stricken children and young adults. Through these measures, we hope to increase literacy and awareness of the importance of education among the families of the EHC Lifebuilders' Sobrato House, the only shelter we are focusing on at this time. We have installed bookshelves in the shelter that we stock with donated books so the children and young adults may have any book on the shelve whenever they want. The second part of the Owl Program is based around a second hand bookstore. We trade any books of monetary value to BookBuyers, based in Mountain View, California. With the money we receive from the traded books, we have started an account with BookBuyers so the families from the Sobrato House may come to the bookstore and get any book they may need, free of charge. We hope to procure grant money so we can expand that aspect of our program.

Plan of Action

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