"OWW!" which stands for "Over Who's Weight!"

The Problem

Eating disorders and body image.

Plan of Action

My plan is to produce a fundraising fashion event to raise funds for the National Eating Disorder Association(NEDA). We hope to raise a minimum of $8,000. NEDA is a non-profit organization that supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care. The highlight of the event will be a fashion show including people of all ages, sizes and racial backgrounds. Beauty is colorless and shouldn't be designated by a person's weight or race. NEDA has agreed to send educational material for attendees to obtain, learn, educate and prevent the devastating effects of eating disorders on the individual and his/her loved ones. The show will have varying forms of entertainment, such as musical and dance. Local students will donate art that they made which will will possess concepts related to eating disorders. The artwork will be auctioned off to attendees. The event is set to take place in July of 2013. I am starting everything from scratch and I believe that this issue needs attention. Fashion shows and models are often a deep rooted issue for teens and adults because of the unrealistic ideals of beauty that are often perpetuated through fashion and media. I want to change the currency of negativity, with respects to body image. Going forward, I hope to repeat this event on an annual basis but incorporate a 16 week enrichment program leading up to the event for the community and the youth.

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