Packs Of Love Outreach

The Problem

The idea for P.O.L.O .(Packs Of Love Outreach) was concieved in June 2006. After learning about the number of street childen and their needs, from a friend who had recently returned from Romania, I decided to start an outreach to help the orphaned street children of Romania. The idea for P.O.L.O. was to put together backpacks filled with things that the street kids desperately needed that could make their lives a little bit better. The backpacks would contain the following; a fleece blanket, socks, winter gloves, lifelong flashlight, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and a small stuffed animal. With everything in a backpack the children could sleep with it on, preventing other street kids from stealing from them while they sleep. In June 2007 I went to Timisoara, Romania and went out on the streets and handed out 250 backpacks and left supplies for 250 more that have since been given out. For more information on P.O.L.O. you can visit

Plan of Action

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