Painting the Streets Red- HIV awareness in Argentina

The Problem

Two-thirds of HIV positive people living in Argentina do not have access to anti-viral medications. Although the HIV transmission rate in Argentina is relatively low, if patients continue to not receive medicine their viral load will not be maintained. Patients not taking medication have a higher risk of transmitting the disease and spreading it without their knowledge. Recent reports indicated that a mere five percent of men use condoms every time they have sex. Safe sex is fundamental to the safety and sustainability of humanity. It is our job to eliminate HIV stigma and the mistreatment of people living with HIV. It is our job to educate the youth about safe sex and STD prevention. It is our job to improve the quality of the human race. I want people across the world to understand that HIV is not a death sentence, and whether positive or negative, it is our job to fight this epidemic together. If we can eliminate the fear and stigma surrounding HIV, more people will feel comfortable getting tested and treated. The most prominent group of newly infected Argentinians are women and low-income citizens. Artists, revolutionaries, humans from all backgrounds must come together and fight this disease and the stigma surrounding it.

Plan of Action

My name is Arami Walker and I am a sexual health educator, arts activist, and filmmaker at UCLA. My time working with the UCLA Art and Global Health center has inspired me to film my first documentary in Argentina next fall semester. The film will focus on the daily lives of five women who are muralist and street artists. My goal is to raise enough money to pay these women to create elaborate murals promoting safe sex, HIV awareness, and women in the arts. This film will document the power of art and intervention, while leaving behind beautiful art and awareness everywhere we go. I will be working with Project U and UCLA's World Arts and Global Health department to distribute my documentary and allow even more people to understand the importance of intervention and awareness. Please help me change the world.

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