The Problem

The club that started with the accompany of Jan Laster meets in the Woman's Center in Bridgeport, CT once a month. There students from local Bridgeport, Trumbull, and MONROE high schools meet and join together to promote our cause. We direct our ideas to kids all around CT and hopefully to spread further than that, we have already meet at statewide conferences and presented our video to teachers/ education faculty , and other representatives. We want to inform teachers, parents, and kids the risks you take when you drink or associate with kids that tend to party alot. We also want to teach them a safer way of going about certain situations when alcohol is involved.

Plan of Action

As a group, the kids of P.A.R.T.Y thought of mottos to put on posters and hang in our schools, we also created a video that has been passed out to many different schools and people free of charge. Many schools have created groups like ours and have tried to make their communities a safer place for teenagers.

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