Pay It Forward Tour

The Problem

Millenials. A generation that has committed to service and being part of the solution. Students Today Leaders Forever's mission is to reveal leadership through service, relationships, and action. We believe that providing meaningful opportunities for students, grades 8 through college, to serve communities across the country allows them to explore what it means to serve. We provide leadership opportunities to cores, groups of three to six people, to plan, organize, and implement a Pay It Forward Tour. To date, 396 college students have lead our 99 Pay It Forward Tours where 3,875 people have served 46,490 hours of service in the last five years.

Plan of Action

I worked in a team with three others to help create sixteen college chapters of Students Today Leaders Forever and helped build a 501(c)(3) organization. We've created a leadership structure that is replicable which allows us to grow. We've focused on creating a culture that values volunteers and appreciates the talents of our generations. I believe we are accomplishing our vision of energizing generations of servant leaders. In September 2008, Time Magazine named Students Today Leaders Forever ther number two way to Serve America.

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