The Problem

This project is stimulated from Public Achievement which is an international, experienced-based civic education initiative that empowers young people to engage in public work. Focused on the most basic concepts of citizenship, democracy, and public work, Public Achievement draws on the talents and desires of ordinary people to build a better world and to create a different kind of politics. The Peace Park project was generated from a group of Public Achievement students that want to improve their surrounding community by restoring the Peace Park in Lafayette Colorado. The parks conception in 1998 served as a playground and public art space. The park is currently in poor condition and the students feel that restoring the Peace Park will bestow a positive benefit on the entire school and community. The students, with support of the community, will restore and plant new flowers and improve the health and status of the current vegetation, repair the current equipment and put in place more playground equipment to extend the versatility of the park extending its availability to a greater number of people.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign