The Penny Per-cent Solution

The Problem

Several. I want to inform the public on how No Kill Shelters are possible; to help fund micro-chipping of all pets, even those in shelters; to help fund low-fee spaying/neutering; to help the many outreach rescues that depend solely on personal donations for their daily functions, and work with local elementary/middle schools to set up informational talks about animal abuse, being responsible pet parents, not to be afraid to tell an adult if they witness abuse, and how pets enrich our lives with unconditional love. These are only some of my ideas.

Plan of Action

Too set up a kiosk in different locations during the spring, summer and eary fall event and collect pennies for a solution....thus the Penny Per-cent Solution concept. I will be offering informational pamphlets, buttons and t-shirts that I design, along with containers to collect the pennies. I will not use "shocking or graphic" photos of abused animals, because I want my kiosk to project a positive attitude about helping those who cannot speak for themselves.

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