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The Problem

The world is constantly changing… And whether those changes are in the right or wrong direction is a matter of opinion. However, I think it is safe to say that there is always room for improvement. Now there are certainly plenty of things in life that humans really have little to no control over. Things such as plagues and natural disasters could haunt anyone without a moment’s notice. But life is about making the best of things. That entails accepting the fact that there are some things in life that can not be explained or prevented and for the things that can be changed, it involves taking initiative to make the most of those things. I dream of a better world that I believe CAN truly exist one day. I see a world where people embrace their differences. I envision a world where children can come from nothing and truly become whatever their heart desires by using things such as diligence and determination. I imagine a world where family is not taken for granted and is remembered as a fundamental aspect of anyone’s life. I see plenty room for improvement, but what can I do right this moment to help this change? Although I am barely an adult, I believe I can make a difference right this moment. I believe all the little things in life can really add up to something great and vast. I currently work with elementary school children with their reading, writing and speech. Most of these children come from Spanish-speaking homes, which makes learning English an even harder task. English is a vital skill in developing a quality education here in America… and an education is priceless anywhere one may live. I also help out with my school’s Center for International Studies of Languages which is all about international relationships and bringing people together regardless of ethnicity, language, or background. My ultimate dream to leave my impact on this world is to open a community facility in an underprivileged area. I want this facility to not only provide a safe haven where child can come before and after school to work on homework or just simply play ball, but I also want it to benefit adults by teaching them fundamental skills, such as reading or money management, that they may have missed out on. I want to provide a facility that offers second chances to people in an area where all hope seems lost. I want to give people the same hope I have for a bigger and better world.

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