The People's Garden Pittsburgh

The Problem

We are trying to solve the problem of the urban food crisis, a post industrial city who's residents do not know how to grow food, seed save or harvest food. Many of our locations and residencies are located in under served areas, who's landscape would traditionally be described as food deserts. We seek to empower individuals in our communities to start gardens to bridge this education gap. We are located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Plan of Action

The People's Garden initiative is a grassroots collective of back yard "Victory Gardens" in Pittsburgh, PA, organized to grow food, share seeds, and develop sustainable local agriculture. The Revolution GROWS. We are a grassroots collective who is organizing local seed swaps, seed starts, garden starts, garden and build work days and harvest events. All of our work days are free education workshops, designed around hands on learning experiences for the community. Our gardens are built from materials reclaimed from our waste supply, to cut down on municipal trash. We adhere to traditional gardening methods, but specialize in the establishment of urban food forests, a permaculture technique to reestablish natural landscape and create a garden design that works for the community, not the other way around. We seek to enliven and empower individuals to establish gardens on their own home plots, in community gardens, and in vacant lots around the city. We are growing rapidly, as we begin our spring planting planning, and as we begin to work closer with other non profit organizations in Pittsburgh. After harvest, we hope to have subsequent free workshop series around preserving food, herb products, and many more things!

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