People's Test Preparation Services

The Problem

Most college-bound students know that a critical component for college admissions is the SAT score. Unfortunately, SAT scores are directly correlated with family income levels. SAT scores of low-income students in the East Bay are among the lowest in the state of California. There are only a few SAT preparation services available to low-income youth; prices for commercial test-preparation companies start at $500, which many families cannot afford. Furthermore, there are no major test preparation centers located in Oakland, so even if students are willing and able to pay for an expensive course, they must travel great distances to reach a site. Therefore, we have targeted college-bound students in Oakland, Richmond and Berkeley school districts who want to improve their SAT scores but do not have the financial means to do so. Each semester we offer free SAT classes to high school students throughout the East Bay Area.

Plan of Action

The People's Test Preparation Service (PTPS) was founded in 1995 at the University of California, Berkeley and is a non-profit, student-run organization dedicated to providing standardized test-taking skills to urban communities.

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