Peshtigo High School Kids' Closet

The Problem

Poverty (lack of clothes, toiletries, school supplies) in my high school. 38% of my school's students are classified as "economically disadvantaged." To help students who deal with poverty, documented and undocumented, my high school's Volunteer Club is opening a "Kids' Closet."

Plan of Action

We would like to open a Kids' Closet at the high school. The closet (room) would provide new undergarments, toiletries, and school supplies to our needy students, free of charge. We would hold a clothing drive to collect new/gently used shoes and jeans. The Kids' Closet will also benefit the Special Education students at our highschool, as they will gain valuable needed work experience through prepping and maintaining the Kids' Closet. The grant money would be a great blessing, as we need paint, pegboard, shelving, and supplies to stock the shelves. Our school's Volunteer Club students already opened a similar closet (room) at the elementary school in September. The Elementary School's Kids' Closet receives a lot of "shoppers," as the demand is high. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the shelves stocked. We plan to use the Elementary School Kids' Closet as a model when starting the High School's Kids' Closet. My fellow classmates and I are excited to coloborate with the community to help bridge the gap between the "haves" and "have nots" in our school and community.

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