Official Project

The Problem

Every day, animals in Burlington and Camden Counties and surrendered for several reasons, many being that the owners can no longer afford to care for them anymore. When you think about it, pet food and care can be quite costly. However, when these pet owners learn that it costs $75-$100 just to surrender their animal to the shelter, some abandon them at the front door at night in the cold, rainy, and uncomfortable weather. This is horrible for the animals physical and emotional well being and should be curtailed immediately.

Plan of Action

What our club would like to do is help these members of the community so they do not have to surrender their pet. We will provide them with bags and/or cans of cat/dog food that we have collected through our various drives, and in rare instances small monetary donations that apply directly to veterinary bills. Members of the community who are interested in taking advantage of this program must fill out a very detailed application about why they need the program and must follow a strict criterion.

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