The Problem

PHIL-Athens was founded to help solve the problem of a general lack of community activism and involvement. The founders wanted PHIL to benefit their community, rally people together and bring about lasting impact. Specifically, they wanted to promote goodwill and philanthropy in order to spark greater activism and involvement in their city of Athens, GA and ultimately raise money for local nonprofit organizations. They saw their university as an untapped resource of great wealth and thought that reaching out to fellow undergraduate students was the best way to achieve their goals. In order to succeed in their endeavor, they first needed to understand why UGA students were not more involved in local philanthropic initiatives. After much research, they determined that the two greatest obstacles impeding community involvement for college students were lack of time and money.

Plan of Action

The founders decided that the best solution to the lack-of-time problem was to enable students to conveniently give back to the community. With this in mind, they began developing the specifications for a website that would allow people to donate to local nonprofits instantly. After interviewing business owners around town, they found that many local businesses would be willing to donate on students’ behalves in exchange for advertising services. This solved the lack-of-money component of the challenge and built the foundation of what PHIL is today. PHIL-Athens is a technology-based marketing company. PHIL is an acronym for People Helping Improve Life. It is short for philanthropy and means love in Greek. We connect businesses with nonprofits and ultimately provide funding to an array of nonprofit organizations such as the Red Cross, Samaritan Counseling Center, Nuci's Space, and The Cottage, to name a few. We inspire to create a new social order, one in which a business quality is not only gauged by what it can gain from it's consumer, but what they can give to their community. Through PHIL's efforts we hope to strengthen and enrich our nation, one community at a time.

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