Plan Do Check Act Workshop (11th & 12th graders)

The Problem

Many of today's 11th and 12th grade high school students make wrong decisions at critical moments such as in their final years or just right at and/or after graduation. They are placing their college entrance and at times their careers in jeopardy. Some students lack a clear approach to healthy thought processes that will enable them to make good decisions. Some examples are: first time drug use to celebrate their upcoming finish, reckless driving habits to express freedom, negligent in completing critical paperwork required for college entry, failure to perform required community service hours which prevents them from graduating, becoming lazy in obtaining good grades and seeing the world with rose colored glasses because they think they are done and the rest is easy.

Plan of Action

As a Life Coach and owner of Put It In Perspective, I intend to hold four to five hour critical thinking workshops no less than twice a month on Saturdays to teach 11th and 12th graders the quality process of Plan Do Check Act and show them how to apply to their final days of high school and thereafter. As a Quality Manager, Certified Lead Auditor, Process Engineer, Certified Continual Improvement Associate as well as holding other quality credentials, I often work with the youth in our area to show them how the same process I use in my profession can work in their lives. We will do hands on exercises in the Workshop and have guest speakers such as Engineers and Scientists as I work full time for a NASA contractor. The students will also receive life coaching tools that they can use to assess their interests, values and determine paths to take for their future. The students will walk away with a Personal Individual Implementation Plan they will develop as well as receive a resume template and career coaching during our workshop. The key point is that the workshops will be co-conducted with me and the students. This will 1) provide coaching and 2) show the students that they can be in charge of their destiny. We plan to have fun and do as many workshops in the DC Metropolitan Area as we can. I am passionate about sharing my techniques and skills with students because they work. I have been funding such activities such as I have described for the past 10 years. It is time to take it to the next level and hence I have started a formal Life Coaching entity and will receive certification from the Life Purpose Institute. This is in addition to also performing my full time job requirements. We have our first workshop in February 2013 and a $500.00 seed award will help me to pay for expenses to conduct the workshops. We could use help with purchasing printed materials, supplies and books for the participants as well as cover the facility rental cost. I hope you will agree. Put It In Perspective is on Facebook at:!/pages/Put-It-In-Perspective/481908531842232?fref=ts We are also working to get our web site up and running at: Thank you.

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