Play For The Planet

The Problem

I would like to start a sand volleyball tournament and cook out at the Band Shelter on 23rd Street in Bettendorf, Iowa this summer. There are two courts there, so we could have two pools of teams playing at once. The champion form each bracket would play in the end. ALL MONEY EARNED WOULD GO INTO BUYING TREES, which would be planted around the city. I am going to try to see if Wallaces Garden Center (or some other local garden center) will sell us trees for a discounted price. If possible, I also would like to hold a barbeque for any hungry people nearby. I would try to get food either donated or buy it from a local grocery store. I'd also like to create t-shirts that say "Play for the Planet" which would have a giant tree with a volleyball. I could sell the t-shirts either separate or include them in the entree fee. The back would have all of the sponsors (Wallaces, Hy-vee and the "Do Something" organization) In the end, after we obtain the trees from Wallaces Garden Center we would need volunteers to plant the trees. My high school (Pleasant Valley High School) has a volunteer hours requirement and I could have an announcement the last week of school for people who are interested in earning some of their hours, or would just like to help out. I would also create an event on My mom is also the regional director for USAV club volleyball, so I could obtain emails of competitive volleyball players in Pleasant Valley Club Volleyball. My project could impact and greatly beautify the Quad Cities. (Currently, I there is not an exact date set because I need to find funding to follow through.)

Plan of Action

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