Political Youth

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The Problem

There is a disturbing issue with today's youth, and it goes much further then apathy. The youth of today's age is being put down by the adults who do not feel that the youth is old enough to voice their opinions on how they feel that they want their community, state, or even nation to run. As an 18 year old, and being involved in politics for the past 3 years of my life, I know the hard road ahead in standing up for what you believe in. However, it is possible and with Political Youth I hope that I can get schools on board with the programs that I create, get students to get their friends involved in what they believe in and work together to make a truly great change. In the 2008 Presidential Primary/Caucus Debates, we hear the phrase "change" a lot. However, I have been the the democrat club and republican club meetings and over half the people there are over the age of 70. How are we going to get change if its always the same people talking about the same issues. Democrat and republican alike, this isn't a battle for who's better left or right, this is a battle to let youth know their voices count and their voices should be heard. I have been working hard in my high school to let other students know that even if they are not old enough to vote, they can still make their voice heard and can still have a say in who they want for president. My girlfriend cannot vote in the caucus however, she made around 1,000 phone calls to people to get them to vote for Obama... She used her voice and at least attempted to make a change. Her "loud" voice was much stronger then any "quite" vote. Everyone can make a difference, everyone has a voice, you don't need to vote to have a voice, but if you have a vote you also always have a voice. Use them both, stand up for what you believe and don't let anyone tell you that you are not old enough to have a voice whether they are left or right; mom or dad; teacher or principal.

Plan of Action

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