Poverty Requiem

The Problem

I have tried very hard and will keep pushing for the world to hear my voice and my views on Global Extreme Poverrty. About 250 students of the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts, where I attend, participated in a performance entitled the Poverty Requiem. It was a combination of Vocalists, Instrumentalists, and Dancers working to get their voices heard in more than our own community. Not only was this performed in 24 other countries by other students but in our country by our school. We traveled to the United Nations in New York City to perform. After two performances we walked around NYC and my group of about 7 students had a few pictures taken bya photographer doing poses from our performance in front of some modern day art. We then told many people that we went by about what we were there for and what we wanted to become known. The next day we performed all 5 musical pieces again in our own community at two different times of the day. The first performance the other 200 students not participating in the performance itself took a silent walk in lines holding a banner from our school to the performance area about 10 blocks away. The Bethlehem, PA mayor was even there. The following weekend we traveled to the World Bank in Washington D.C. to perform for the last time. At this performance there were people part of this organization from other countries and the two adults who composed this work. After performing we then took a tour around Washington D.C. and had group pictures taken where we let people know once again what we were there for and that we wanted our voice to be heard! I left a personal mark at the United Nations also to let people know my personal view on this subject. Inside the U.N. building there was artwork hanging on the walls and nearby there was a book that people from around the world were signing and leaving notes in. I signed this book and left a comment hoping people after me would read it and want to help take action. After the performances were over I returened back to school where I chaired a canned food drive event in my shcool hoping to collect more food for poverty stricken people. I plan to run this event again in a few months also including the people all along my community. Also as part of a friend and my owns graduation project we hand made a hundred rings made of hemp and a single white bead and sold them to the students in our school. We only collected about $80 but we also plan to attempt that sell again. I don't plan to stop helping my community and the world around me until something is done to help the poverty stricken.

Plan of Action

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