Prevention of Bullying

The Problem

There are a few kids in my school that I have noticed people picking on for quite some time now. It is really getting on my nerves, because I see the pain they are in. I hated being in that state, and glad I am out. I just can't stand to see others going through it and me doing nothing about it. I am really shy, but I figured out a battle plan.

Plan of Action

First, I decided that I should maybe tell the bullies to buzz off, because they sadly are somewhat my friends. I don't really hang with them much anymore, because they are just not the right people to be around, but yeah we still talk some. I thought maybe that since we get along, somewhat, that maybe they will listen if I tell them to cut them some slack. If that doesn't work, then I have plan B. I thought, since I love to write, that I would write a letter to my counsler about the kids being bullies, and the bullies. But have them leave my name out, so they know that I am not the one who told on them if they haven't figured out. I would also have them make note that the victim wasn't the one who told. Just to make sure the bullies won't do any future damage. (I put this under cyber bullying, because it was the closest thing I could find.) (Note- I do not own this picture, it was just one I found on google.)

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